5 smart travel tips to get you started!

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Travelling is for everyone. It is actually one of the very few pleasures in life and is supposed to be easy and enjoyable.

This short blog post will give you 10 important tips for smart travelling.

Obviously, there are much more to add but these should always be on top of your mind when planing your next trip. Travelling abroad sometimes requires a little bit of thinking, but this should not be a struggle for you if you:

1. Seek for reliable travel advice

Not everyone loves surprises. Try and do some research before you book anything. Reading articles from travel blogs, watching travel vlogs and coming across reviews from travelers can save you and your time. Also, friends and relatives are a reliable source of advice. If you are traveling to a place where none of your friends and relatives went before then do not hesitate to search from some travel stories online. When you finally decide that the destination you chose is the best for you, then go ahead and check that country’s embassy website for any published announcements or alerts that travellers need to have in mind. You don’t want to find your self in a confict zone!

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2. Make sure you don’t have any pending travel paperwork

We hate running late at the airport, we hate dealing with missing papers prior our trip. It is super important you checked all of your travel documents on time. Make sure your official id card and/or passport is valid and not expired. Check times and dates, names on your documents and airports. Avoid getting in trouble the very last minute. It is vital that you meet all of the traveling requirements such as entry permits, visa requirements and so on.

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3. Book your flight and hotel from a smart platform

Come on, let’s face it. There are many tour operators that they really want to steal your money. Of course they will provide you with all the necessary traveling services but what if these are overpriced? There is no need to pay more whilst you can save money. Trust one website for both. For instance, mytravelgram.com allows you to search, find and book hotels and flights all in one place. We do compare millions of prices all across the web just to make sure that we deliver back to you the lowest prices to choose from. We do the search for you along with our reputable partners, you do the booking. Simple as that. Give it a try and you will find out yourself. Yes, you do have the ability to book with us that same hotel you have been looking elsewhere, but we do give you the best prices and deals to choose from. You find the hotel, you choose the price.

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4. Read the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply almost everywhere. Spend some more time going through all of the terms and conditions related to your trip. Before you fly, research all of your luggage options. Usually low cost airlines have different luggage policies from more expensive airliners. This can be especially costly to resolve when in the airport or even complex when you will be using several airlines on the same trip. Try to find out how to protect your bags en route and your rights when they are lost or when your flight has a long delay. In addition, understand what you have purchased yourself. Are you having a randomly allocated seat in the aircraft? Is a hot meal included? Will you need to switch terminals when departing? Try to make your life easier by finding some time to research.

5. Carry your smartphone and keep connected

Establishing efficient communication when abroad is crucial. Make a call to your provided and ask whether your device will be operational or locked when you land. In some countries you can’t just swap out your SIM card to one that works. Often, you might need to get your self an unlocked phone, or perhaps a new sim card so it compatible to the country’s network that you are visiting. Also, it is important to keep in mind that roaming can be expensive. Keep connected so you can reach your friends and family at anytime or even use your mobile data to move around if you get lost or if you need a taxi or a restaurant nearby. Do not forget to pack a power bank. This is always a great idea!

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The sooner you realise how important these 5 traveling tips are, the more you will be traveling stress free! More smart traveling tips coming soon. Be smart, use mytravelgram.com to access travel stories and get the best deals on hotels and flights!

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