Gibraltar. Not just “The Rock” but the cherry on top of the cake

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Ah, Gibraltar…

It is literally the last place just before Africa begins! Although located in Spain, Gibraltar is fully British and it has been since the late 1700’s. I have been living in the region for a couple of months due to work, passing the borders from Spain almost daily! That was really crazy. I used to woke up in another country and a few minutes later I was stepping foot on another country!

It is believed that the apes, warned by screaming out anxiously the British emperors of an upcoming ottoman empire attack, a fact that led to the successful defending of the Rock.

Outstanding sunsets, good food, safety, and walking distance to everywhere are some of the characteristics that best fits the Rock of Gibraltar.

Some must visits include: the Moorish Castle, the Gibraltar Casinos, and the ‘Dusk’ for some amazing night and high quality cocktails.

However you can walk across to Spain and make your holiday an unforgettable experience!

Oh, don’t forget to practise some Spanish as the Gibraltarian local dialect is known as ‘Llanito’, which is a blend of Spanish and English put together. Cannot lie about it. It sounds fun, I bet it’s even more fun to learn!

You can start your journey in the market street whereas it is rammed with tourists. Be prepared to enjoy some jaw dropping prices at the different perfumeries stores, as Gibraltar is a VAT free state! (You will be surprised how much high branded quality colognes cost without the VAT! Every-little helps i suppose!)

In the meanwhile make sure you enjoy a deliciously hand made wrap and why not try some good morning wine at the ‘Corks’ restaurant which lies literally at the end of the busy market streets.

From there onwards you can go to see the MedSteps which is a 397 stair climbing which it can offer you a good exploration of the flora of the place. At the end of this steps-journey you can literally get the most amazing screen set. Especially if you are lucky to get to the end during a sunset, absolutely majestical! If you travel with your other half it is the ideal spot to exchange a kiss, or find a partner!

The ‘Moorish castle’ makes a good visit as well, tour guides offer you some value for money experience as they are all local Gibraltarians and know the place quite well.

You can end your night by going to the Casino, even if no bets are placed, odds are you will find your self enjoying some classy quality cocktails. The vibe is so good and I am pretty sure you will be feeling lucky soon!

You can continue your night at the Bruno’s whereas the bar tenders and waitress offer something unique. Will not reveal more, you can find out yourself, so remember my words..
In addition, you can pop next to the ‘Dusk’ at 12ish and enjoy some really good quality music along with some not so expensive booze!

Literally you will find your self changing countries at around 5ish o clock in the morning, as hopping to the Spanish country of La Linea, ‘las dallas’ is the place for an after party until morning- just before branch hey?!


Travelstory by: Christos Stylianou for mytravelgram

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