Granada, Spain. A multi-vibrant experience…

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Granada is best known as the ‘jewel’ of Andalusia. Ideal for all year round as it combines, solid mountain hikes, ski resorts such as the famous ‘Sierra Nevada’ which is beautifully located in this amazing Spanish town and makes up an unforgettable experience.

Outlandishly cosmopolitan, Granada offers some cultural history too, as the majestic castle of Alhambra is a must place to visit and take some good shots.But it’s not just that! Granada offers, some fine class museums, classy and inexpensive restaurants, and some nicely decorated bars and tapas bars for some authentic experience of the Spanish cuisine and culture.

I have visited Granada many times (lost counting) and each and every time I observed that this town has something more to offer every-time. I believe, the locals make sure you will never get bored!

If I could add some value to my travel story by providing some useful tips, I would suggest you rent a car or travel by taxi to reach to ‘Sierra Nevada’, but if you are up for some skii, perhaps it is better to visit Granada somewhere around January mid February. Yes, winter in Granada can definitely surprise you!

Once you get there, you will find experienced instructors – if you are a newbie to the world of ski, but let’s just be honest, you will encounter some ‘failures’ (quite literally) during this ski journeys. Been there, done that! Thank God I’m not on YouTube yet!

The city during the academic season (September – May) is quite busy and the streets are full of energy and excitement. It is a students’ city so you can get an idea of how amazing the nightlife is but this is a common phenomenon in Spain. People there are ‘loco’ and they love to party!

By the way, you do not want to miss their ice-cream! The locally made ice-cream is a mouthwatering experience! A real jaw-dropping one!

For those who seek adrenaline and adventure, during night time, the Bull ring is the hotspot to go. ‘Plaza De Toros De Granada’ is a hugely made old bull ring that it has been redesigned to accomodate bars and tapas. You have to down some locally produced brown beer, you can thank me later. Seriously.

As for the sophisticated…the cathedral church along with the museum next to it offers some history and culture. You can pick your language and a set of headphones will guide you through some of the finest old times pieces of art. Also, at the castle of Alhambra, be prepared to witness something magical. Epic gardens, endless stair climbing and stunning corners perfectly made for some good photo-shooting will set fire to your instagram account and your followers. At the top of the castle as well, you can see some outstandingly good views that will add up to your experience of Granada.

Finally, at the old market make sure you have a good stroll, as you can find shops that date back to the 1400’s with some Byzantine history being carried on their shoulders. I got a feeling like I was being stuck in the past. It gave me goosebumps.

Granada really makes up a vibrant holiday destination and this travel story is for
everyone who loves traveling and for that gave me this opportunity to let people know how much of a great time I had!

Travelstory by: Christos Stylianou for mytravelgram

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