Istanbul & Antalya, Turkey. Courtney’s Adventure!

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Turkey was a place that has been set on my heart to go. To be honest I can’t give an exact reason why but the places I go I usually choose because there is a feeling that draws me there. I had seen some pictures but honestly did not know much about the country before coming here.

The US government website cautions travel and advises you shouldn’t travel to Turkey. Not to say that the government doesn’t have reason for this but what they and the media say is not all that should be believed. There are some parts of the country that maybe are not best to visit on the southern border. The country is going through a time of transition with uncertainty of a recent election that took place also. However, I can tell you I feel completely safe here and have had no issues. Always use precautions when traveling, especially alone, but I will tell you first hand you don’t have to worry about visiting these areas of Turkey I have been thus far.

Turkey is a beautiful and diverse country with varied landscapes along with a rich history of war and influence. Istanbul is the only city in the world that connects two continents, Asia and Europe separated by the important passageway of the Bosphorus straight connecting the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

Most of my time in Turkey is being spent in Istanbul living with a local family on the Asian side for a culture exchange. I tutor in English in exchange for my stay. I arrived at the end of March and will be here until toward the end of May. The family welcomed me with open arms from day one and have made me feel like I completely belong. The hospitality in Turkey is unlike anywhere I have been before and the food is also incredible.

So far I have loved feeling part of a family, living a normal everyday life in a community full of trees and nature that feels like a world away from the bustling old town. The city is vast I still have many areas to explore. I have already hit some of the major points of interest such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum and Taksim square.

It is very inexpensive to fly to different cities within Turkey. This past weekend I took a short getaway to the beautiful resort town of Antalya on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. My flight round trip was only $64 USD from Istanbul! I chose to stay in the old town that is lined with cute cobblestone streets, cafes, seafood and local finds. The beautiful color of the clear water meets the edge of the old town with the stunning backdrop of mountains in the distance. It is well worth seeing this gem for a few days from Istanbul.

Coming up in a few weeks I will take another venture to the fairytale land of Cappadocia, Turkey. Follow my blog and/or instagram below to see all that is ahead.

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Courtney’s love for travel began just about 4 short years ago when she finally had the courage to sell everything and leave her 10 years in banking for a more fulfilling lifestyle of wandering the world. She started out by living in China and teaching English for two years and has since traveled to over 12 countries and counting. Currently she is traveling solo and working remotely as an online english teacher, freelancer and blogger while wandering the world.

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