Mallorca, Spain. Definitely, a worthy summer destination!

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The Mallorca experience begun back in 2015 when I was still looking for a Mediterranean destination to go to for my summer holidays! Mallorca or Majorca, is the biggest island of the Blearic archipelago and Palma is its capital. Back then, I was working as a teacher at a school and once the classes were over, I found a cheap flight from Madrid and flew to this famous destination which always has sounded exotic to me and needed to have it a go!
Spain is one of the most tourist-oriented countries in the world and Palma is one of the cities that offers a variety of options for those who want to visit it and trust me it is worth it! Its picturesque old town with the little streets are very charming and attractive. Following the main street from Plaça Cort towards the sea, you will cross the old residential area with the administration buildings which are very interesting from the architectural perspective. If you keep walking towards the sea, you will find the impressive gothic cathedral which is situated on the edge of the old city overlooking the infinitive coastline of the city. In front of it you can visit Almudena’s castle and walk in the arabic influenced gardens with its lovely and refreshing fountains. A walk in Plaça Mayor is a must whilst there and for nightlife lovers, Santa Catalina area is the ideal place to go out and hang out with friends for a drink and dance.
On Sundays, Palma normally is quite empty because people go to the beach or explore the island’ nature that has a lot to offer! There are hundreds of natural trails but I had the chance to join the group Connect Lingus that organises activities and one-day hikes. We visited three mountains of Soller village, climbing up to 1000 meters high each. An amazing experience which was enough to give us the best views of the island’s landscape and coast. We ended our adventure going down towards the view point in Sa Foradada to see the sun setting in the endless blue of the sea.
A must place to go in Palma is Badal or Raimundo burger for those who love burgers. Palet Bar Cafe is a lovely and very typical spanish bar that serves mediterrenean dishes, very recommended. Along Blanquerna street you can find many options for a drink or dinner, but definitely Escorxador cultural centre is a must to visit. Its food market offers a variety of choices from typical mallorcan food up to sushi and Thai kitchen that you can’t resist to!
Mallorca is a place to visit, a place to live and spend beautiful moments with family and friends, a perfect destination that you can adapt to your needs. A definitely worthy summer destination!

Travelstory by: Emmanouel for mytravelgram

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