Tel Aviv, Israel. The New York of the Middle East

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I was a child when I first visited Israel so I needed to pay a visit again. As an entrepreneur my self, I kept reading articles on how Tel Aviv managed to become one of the world’s most important startup hubs and that was all I needed to make the decision and pack my bags with my girlfriend so we can escape for a few days and combine business with pleasure.

We traveled to Tel Aviv on February 2018 so the weather was absolutely perfect for some strolling! Not long after we landed, we found ourselves in the heart of Tel Aviv, downtown the Dizengoff street. A vibrant avenue featuring a lot of coffee shops, restaurants and shops not far from the Rabin square. That was perfect for us because everything was within walking distance and you could enjoy the city. We stayed at the 130 Rock Apartments which was really fresh and had a radio station theme throughout its premises, so that helped our psychology even more!

What we enjoyed the most was the beachfront and promenade of Tel Aviv. Most of the up-scaled hotels sit there, as well as the city’s marina with the amazing views of the Mediterranean sea. The beach front offers a lot of activities to locals and to tourists. It felt like a huge open air gym! People like to run there, take their dogs for a walk or ride their bikes. The beach is really clean, long and the sand is beautiful!

Without even noticing, we walked our way to the Old Jaffa. From there you could see the skyline of Tel Aviv and walk in the little streets of the old town. Don’t forget to take some pictures of the St. Archangel Michael Monastery, have a moment with your loved one on the zodiac bridge and admire the clock tower! You suddenly feel like you have traveled back to the past whilst you are actually in one of the most developed cities of the region!

The next day was a big surprise for us because the weather suddenly changed our plans but we were ready to take the challenge, so it was fun! We went to visit the iconic Shuk HaCarmel market! You could find almost anything there! Israelis are very hospitable and of course good merchandisers.

If you drop by the market, it is a must to seek for some Kanafeh, a traditional desert with cheese! Yes with cheese! Also, try your luck for a table at the Doctor Skakshuka, you will remember me! You will eat the best Shaksuka in town! A dish of eggs poached in tomato sauce but you need to hurry because it gets really crowded!

We then headed south so we could visit the Neve Tzedek, a posh neighborhood within the city. There you can enjoy your coffee or drink or even choose some of the high-end boutiques to shop from. This place is a very good choice if you want to get a real understanding and feeling of the modern Israeli lifestyle.

Later that day, we decided to go to the Rothschild Boulevard (named after the Rothschild family), one of the principal streets in the center of Tel Aviv that is lined with beautiful cafes by day and booming night clubs. The area also features a lot of Bauhaus buildings that totally deserve our attention and you must see!

On our last day to Tel Aviv, I had some business meetings so I could finally introduce my self to the renown business and startup ecosystem of Tel Aviv. The Azrieli center would be our last stop during our stay in Tel Aviv. The center is actually a tower consisting of 49 floors and it has a large shopping mall and many companies. That was a pleasant break for my girlfriend while I was a little busy. After a while, we decided to wave goodbye to Tel Aviv from high above so we paid a visit at the rotating observatory that is located on the top floor. I was amazed by the view. Tel Aviv has a modern infrastructure and a lot of skyscrapers and high rises. Also, people do not remind nothing like the average Middle Easterns and the city itself nothing like your average Middle  Eastern city.

Tel Aviv had a really fusion aftertaste..It is an interesting city that on the hand hand feels too Western, like New York and on the other hand it enjoys of a Middle Eastern pace of life. I would definitely visit again!

Travelstory by: Hector for mytravelgram

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